Friday, January 14, 2011

Murder By Numbers - Crime Convections

The film follows characters Cassie Mayweather and her partner Sam Kennedy on a classic murder mystery case.

When first introduced to the two characters, the stereotypical representation of male and female are reversed with Cassie Mayweather - the female, being shown as the stronger character. When we first see Cassie Mayweather, straight away we can tell that she is a strong character as many of the minor characters know her or are commanded by her. An example of this is when we learn that she is training her new partner by telling him to follow her in everything she does. However, when on her own we slowly learn that a past case or past experience of her work has effected her emotionally or disturbed her, showing that when shes on her own, she is not the character that the rest of the other characters percive her to be. We also lean that she is a lonely character in a scene where she seems to be confronting this past case or experience as she is framed in the shot on her own at a table with one glass and a bottle of wine.

Techniques such as flashbacks of a crime scene or experience are used and are very typical of the Thriller genre. Certain points when Cassie is on her own we can also hear a distorted sound of this experience aswell. This helps create some mystery in the film and confuses the viewer into what the sound is they are hearing, whilst also creating some tension. The flashbacks are edited in a very unclear way, with a blury yellow tint to them, making it very unclear for the viewer to work out what had happened.

The conventions of 'Murder By Numbers' is very typical of the Thriller genre. Ominous music is used to build tension combined with flashbacks and short sequences of different scenes. The characters are also very typical of a thriller with the Investigator and her partner trying to solve the case being the main plot. Alongside the story of Cassie Mayweather and her partner we also follow the very mysterious character of Justin who at the start of the film we do not know what his role in the murder he has played or if he has played any role at all.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

momento analysis

. The main character is isolated by his condition
. Themes of memory and time
. Helps us to see things from the main characters point of view
. Playing on his own mind with his notes and tattoos
. Obsessed with killing
. Understand more in each sequence
. Clear objectives - avenging his wife


conventions of a psychological thriller

. Crime twists
. Cliff hanger
. Clever/unusual plots
. Questions reality
. Unusual heroes
. Use of flashbacks
. Characters in conflict with their own mind
. Two characters preying on each others minds
. Danger is on a mental level rather than a physical one


conventions of a political thriller

. The threat is set against a back drop of political struggle
. Plot is designed to give political power to someone while the opponent tries to prevent it
. Innocent people drawn into political world
. Proving innocence
. Different locations
. Different cultures/countries
. Deceit
. False hero


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback for Practical

Effective use of spatial and temporal editing. It is clear that costume has been considered carefully in terms of what meaning is created. The bloody t-shirt is effective in giving the audience enigmas to build suspense. the flashes are extremely effective - it would be nice to see this sort of effect experimented with more in your next practical (if appropriate to the genre). fklash effective as in sync with the soundtrack. Well done.

Final Thriller Sequence

Here is our sequence which has been edited fully also including a soundtrack made in the program, Garageband. It took us approximately three lessons to make our soundtrack as well as editing the sequence. We also made various titles for it which includes the group members names and states what they have done for the sequence, the name of the title, and the 'made-up' production company.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Storyboard Explanation

Our storyboard took a whole lesson to write, it has helped us decide on shot durations and where the camera would be filming from.

This helps us decide whether it was long or close shots also if it will be handheld footage or on a tripod.

It is important to do a storyboard as it helps us to plan out our story and what order the shots are going to be in, we can work out from there our shot location and also what is going to be put into the title sequence as it is one of the most important parts of the film because it helps to get people intrigued of what the film is about and makes them want to watch the whole thing to see whats going to happen throughout the film.

Major producers will use a storyboard as a guide and basis for the whole film

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Location Footage

Our group had to find a suitable location to film our sequence, so we looked around nearby the college grounds and found a number of places which gave us lots of choices and ideas. We recorded a video of the location which we will use for our sequence.

Monday, December 1, 2008

props and costumes

The costume the victim will be wearing will be normal clothing however their will be tear marks on the clothing to show that there has been some sought of struggle or commotion

The clothing will also be stained on certain parts with a red dye to signify blood stains, it has yet to be decided what will be used for the red dye. To accompny the blood stains will also be dirt marks which can be found anywhere in the woods

The victim will have water splashed over them to make it look as though though they have been sweating from all the running and also from all the stress and fatigue caused by the incident.


Feedback for animatic sequence

The feedback we recived from the group showed that we had some good and bad points of our title sequence.

The group said that the pace was good and complimented the pictures however we may have to change the pace of the title sequence depending on what music we chose to use.

The flash backs was said to help towards the story of the title sequence and gae a good idea of the plot sof the story.
Camera flashes were said to be good for taking the viewers mind of the story for the second of the shot, a good way of cutting to the next shot and that the echinque would really suit the genre of the title sequence.

Music will be needed to improve the quality of the title sequence as it will increase the suspense of the viewers however we may have to change the pace of the sequence depending on the music

More shot variation is needed

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Animatic Sequence Video

Here is my animatic sequence which took approximately 30 minutes to produce. My personal opinion of the video is that some of the shot durations are to long but i'm sure when we get round to recording the real thing, it will be fine. I tried to edit as much tension into the sequence as i could by including blank screens and flashs of light with a very small shot duration. The flash of light was originally shot 13, but i decided to include more flashs to create more suspense. There is currently no sound included in the video yet due to lack of time.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Planning The Storyboard

Our plan for our title sequence is to have the victim being filmed from the feet up to the eyes, each body part being shot seperatly. The heartbeat and breathing of the victim gets faster and louder throughout the title sequence. The victim has flashbacks throughout each body section being filmed of them being chased through the woods.

The victim in the bodyshots, is wearing torn up clothes with mud and scratches all over them. No shoes are worn so feet are caked in mud as well.

The location we have decided to use will be the woods near the college grounds for the time being.

For the sound we are having sound effects such as heartbeating and rapid breathing. The music will be fast paced probably using strings as this is what makes music sound thrilling.

The camera will be handheld for the vicitm running through the woods. Whereas it will be on a tripod when the bodyparts are being filmed.

The body part shots will be approximately 10 seconds long, whereas the shots in the woods will be about 5 seconds long to make it seem fast paced so the audience feel like they're running with the victim.

Natural lighting of the light shining through the treetops will be used to give more of a natural effect this will help make the sequence be more beileive which will help create more tension

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hi, we are Group 66 and these are the group members; Alex McCarthy, Katie Lee and Jake Troup. Our task this term is to make a thriller title sequence. So far we have not decided on a name for our sequence as we have only just started. Our thriller sequence could either be based on crime, horror or a psychological thriller. We are also thinking about producing a hybrid.